Case Study: How a Business Increased Sales with Custom Poly Shipping Bags

In today’s competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales. One such strategy that Cproven remarkably effective is the use of customized packaging solutions, such as Custom Mailer Boxes and metallic bubble envelopes. This case study explores how a business transformed its shipping experience and saw a significant increase in sales by incorporating these tailored packaging options from Mailerbagfactory.

The Challenge

The business, a burgeoning online retail store specializing in unique home decor items, faced a common challenge: how to create a memorable unboxing experience that not only secures the product but also enhances brand recognition. Standard shipping methods were functional but lacked the personalized touch that could set the brand apart.

The Solution

After extensive research, the company decided to invest in custom poly shipping bags, specifically custom mailer boxes and metallic bubble envelopes, tailored to their brand’s aesthetics and values.

Custom Mailer Boxes

The custom mailer boxes provided by Mailerbagfactory offered high-precision printing options, allowing the business to adorn their packaging with vivid, realistic images and brand logos. Flexography printing enhanced the colors and details, making the unboxing experience visually appealing. Furthermore, the option for Spot UV printing added a luxurious, high-quality finish, elevating the perceived value of the products.

The strength and durability of these boxes were unparalleled, thanks to the variety of corrugated material options. Whether it was A-Flute for maximum cushioning or B-Flute for a flatter surface ideal for high-quality printing, the business could choose the perfect thickness to protect their delicate home decor items during transit.

Metallic Bubble Envelopes

For smaller, more delicate items, the company utilized metallic bubble envelopes. These padded envelopes offered additional protection with a stylish, eye-catching finish. Determining the correct size for these envelopes was crucial; the company followed Mailerbagfactory’s guidelines, adding extra space in the envelope dimensions to accommodate the three-dimensional nature of their products. This ensured a snug, secure fit, preventing damage during shipping and handling.

The Results

The switch to custom mailer boxes and metallic bubble envelopes had a profound impact:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: The customized, high-quality packaging made the brand instantly recognizable, setting it apart from competitors. Customers began to associate the brand with luxury and quality, leading to increased word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The added protection and aesthetic appeal of the packaging significantly reduced the number of damaged goods, leading to fewer returns and higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Increased Sales: The memorable unboxing experience led to repeat purchases and increased sales. Customers were not just buying a product; they were buying an experience.
  • Eco-Friendly Image: By choosing corrugated materials for their mailer boxes, the business also communicated an eco-friendly message, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.


This case study highlights the importance of customized packaging in today’s market. By investing in custom mailer boxes and Metallic Bubble Envelopes from Mailerbagfactory, the business not only solved a logistical challenge but also transformed it into an opportunity for brand enhancement and sales growth. The success story underscores the power of thoughtful, people-first content and solutions in creating a lasting impression on customers.

Incorporating such personalized packaging solutions can be a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their brand and build a loyal customer base. As we’ve seen, the benefits extend far beyond the aesthetic appeal, impacting customer satisfaction, brand recognition, and ultimately, sales performance.

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